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U2 - Live at the Sphere


I co-directed this commercial as part of my work as a Multimedia Director at Moment Factory.


Moment factory was asked to create teaser for U2's concert residency at the Sphere in Las Vegas.


In the short film, an unidentified flying object is seen hovering over several cities, which is revealed to contain a disembodied baby, and U2 fans are mysteriously transported into the desert.

A cut-down version of the advertisement aired during the Super Bowl LVII to officially announce the engagement as "U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at the Sphere"



Creative Direction: U2, Moment Factory Music


Original Concept by: U2, Gavin Friday

Creative Directors: Tarik Mikou, Gavin Friday, Bono, The Edge

Executive Producer: Gavin Friday


Directed by: Tarik Mikou, Julien Demers-Arsenault


Director of Photography: Ben Kutchins

Production Designer: Area Webner

Editor: Jorge Sandoval

VFX: Mathematic Studio

Audio Production: Troublemakers

Creative Musical Direction & Lead Sound Design: Fred Bouchard


U2 Management:

Principle Management, Dublin: Jennifer Pitcher, Nadine King, Kelly McNamara

Full Stop Management, Los Angeles: Irving Azoff, Jeffrey Azoff, Brandon Rieck, Jordan Federman, Kate Rancka


Produced by: Moment Factory, HKCORP

Executive Producers: Daniel Jean, David Gitlis

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