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Royal Caribbean - Oceanides


This project was part of my work as a Multimedia Director at Moment Factory.


Oceanides is a daring performance filmed in a custom-built rotating water tank and showcased exclusively on Royal Caribbean’s robot-screens installation.

To pull off this creative and technical challenge, the team constructed an airtight box the same size as the screens to create the illusion that human-scale performers are swimming inside each of them. To harness the theatrical potential of the robotic screens, the tank’s rotations were captured with a motion-controlled camera engineered to emulate the screen’s tilts and movements. All special effects were created on set, including choreography synchronized to follow shifts in gravity amongst tropical fish, small alligators, and crocodiles.

Oceanides tells the story of a pearl diver who encounters oceanic nymphs in her search for treasure. Featuring an original score, the story draws inspiration from the Ama, Japan’s legendary female free divers who have scoured the ocean floor for pearls for thousands of years.

Oceanides has been nominated in the innovation award category at the 32nd PRODUCERS GUILD OF AMERICA AWARDS 2021



Executive Creative Director: Sakchin Bessette

Producers: Joy Marsal, Mathieu Grainger

Senior Production Coordinator: Magalie Desrochers

Concept Writer: Emily Raine 

Production Designer: Lucy Rybicka 

Content Producers: Richard Cormier, Catherine Grenier, Martin Girard 

Content Coordinators: Catherine Lamontagne-Poirier, Marine Scélin 

Robot-Screen Animator: Maxime Grenier 

Content Technical lead: Ryan Marshall 

VFX Supervisor: Patrice Bilodeau 

Motion Designers: Esteban Chacin, Gregory Stankowski, Pierre-Alexis Tremblay



Production: Sailor Productions 

Producers: Mathieu Dumont, Joelle Raymond 

Production Manager: Jocelyn Aubé 

Assistant Director: Cedrick Kluysken 

Director of Photography: Pierre Gill 

Costume Designer: YSO 

Art Director: Louisa Schabas 

Hair & Makeup Artist: Maïna Militza 

Set Decorator: Alex Hercule Desjardins 

Special Mechanical Effects: Guillaume Murray, MFX Production

Choregrapher: Paula Holmwood



Natalia Anthopoulo

Miho Arai
Paula Holmwood 

Audrey Houle 

Gabrielle Marie Lepage 

Laurie Wakelam



Composed by: Vincent Letellier 

Lyrics by: Emily Raine 

Performed by: Sabrina Sabotage Bellemare 

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Aaliyeh Afshar | Annie Leclerc-Casavant | Basile Buisson | Benjamin Le Talour | Carolyne Shapiro | Catherine Grenier | Catherine Lamontagne-Poirier | David Richard | Eduardo Teles de Andrade | Emily Raine | Emmanuel Bastid | Esteban Chacin | Francis Clement | François Desrochers | Geneviève Mousseau | Gregory Stankowski | James Richardson | Jonathan Chammas | Jordi Gauthier | Julien Demers-Arsenault | Lucy Rybicka | Magalie Desrochers | Marine Scelin | Martin Girard | Mathieu Grainger | Mathieu Monnier | Maxime Grenier | Myriam Dechamplain | Patrice Bilodeau | Ryan Marshall | Sakchin Bessette | Vincent Letellier

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