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Halsey - Love and Power Tour



I directed the content for Halsey's Love and Power Tour as part of my work as a Multimedia Director at Moment Factory.


Moment Factory joined frequent collaborator Halsey to oversee creative direction for the Love and Power Tour, in support of her album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.

Inspired by Halsey’s vision to pay homage to body horror, our team produced videos starring the artist herself, featuring visuals that incorporate some of the genre’s most iconic imagery.

Designed to accompany 15 different songs from her concert setlist, the videos lend themselves to a dynamic, cinematic experience that tells a story with a beginning, middle and end.


Equal parts alluring and unsettling, visuals present the artist in the throes of monsters, bloody bodies, contortionists and gritty sex scenes.

Live-action content was shot in- studio on sets built exclusively for the production. Visuals relied on practical effects and FX makeup.


The shoot included the participation of Halsey, dancers, and models.



Creative Direction: Halsey & Moment Factory Music


Show Concept: Halsey

Show x Creative Director: Tarik Mikou


Stage Design and shoots by Moment Factory Music


Management: Anthony Li & Jason Aron


Lighting Design: Paul Guthrie & Toss Films

Lighting Director: Jose Antunes

Musical Director: Vinnie Ferra & The Beehive

Shoots Creative Direction: Halsey & Tarik Mikou


Shoots Director: Julien Demers-Arsenault

Shoots Producers: Moment Factory Music & HK Corp


Assistant Director: Evan Coniglio

Director of Photography: Rob Witt

Production Designer: Arae Webner

Makeup: KC Mussman, Nocturnal DesignZ


Creative Consultant: Anthony Li

Executive Producers: David Gitlis & Lorne Hiltser

Produced by: Lorne Hiltser & Samantha Manalang


Video Content Artists: Conner Tozier, Brooke Bevers, Mark Mayr, Simon Léveillé, Carl Valleray


Production & Tour Manager: Jimi Storey

Road Manager: David Sheppard

Day to Day: Mollie Freeman

Brand Manager: Maria Endicott

Support Team: Vanessa Paliy, Brittney Berault, Madison Shadron

Stage Manager & Head Rigger: Clayton Hutson

Production Coordinator: Katie Baker

Assistant Tour Manager: Ashleigh Volz


Moment Factory Producer: Daniel Jean

Moment Factory Line Producer: Magalie Desrochers

Moment Factory Production Manager: James Richardson


MF Set Designers:

Jean-Baptiste Verguin, Marie-Eve Pageau

Graphic & Art Design: Garrett Hilliker

Tour Photo & Video Team: Peter Don, Jasmine Safaeian, Adam Kudeimati


Content Coordinator: Juliette Derkaoui

Editors: Jorge Sandoval, Mathias Jonsson, Victor Meyer

Notch Effects: Ryan Darkmatter

Video Programming: Danny Firpo, Cade Moore, All Of It Now

Media Server Operator: Cade Moore


Video Director: Dan Mardoyan


Photos by Yasi

CREDITS MOMENT FACTORY TEAM: Amina El Assad | Ariane Dorig | Cécilia Gauffre | Conner Tozier | Corentin Kieffer | Daniel Jean | David Richard | Esteban Chacin | François Depret | François Morel | Geneviève Mousseau | James Richardson | Joshua Selinger | Julien Demers-Arsenault | Juliette Derkaoui | Karo Boily Boulay | Magalie Desrochers | Manuel Galarneau | Marie-Ève Pageau | Marie-Hélène Pouliot | Mathieu Monnier | Mylene Filteau | Sam Stiban | Simon Léveillé | Sophiane Verri | Sylvia Mazzotti | Tarik Mikou | Uma Arora

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