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FlyOver Iceland


This project was part of my work as a Multimedia Director at Moment Factory.


Working closely with Creative Director Rick Rothschild, we created two pre-show immersive experiences that take guests on an imaginative journey into the storytelling culture of the Icelandic people and build anticipation for the main attraction: a thrilling full-motion flight ride through dramatic Icelandic landscapes.

Visitors enter an ancient Viking longhouse, where a grizzled storyteller spins a yarn about Iceland’s past as shadow-play projections illustrate his tale on the wall behind him. A longhouse was first reproduced in Montreal to create video content and recreated at FlyOver Iceland with scenography elements and an integrated video content screen.

Then, in the Well of Time, guests are guided by Sú Vitra, a troll designed by English-Icelandic illustrator Brian Pilkington and inspired by local legends. Projections animate the floor and content is shown on suspended custom-designed kinetic screens, leaving guests with a poetic vision of Iceland.


Creative Director: Rick Rothschild


Moment Factory

Producer: Martin Ulrich

Line Producer: Virginie Valastro

Coordinator: Marie-Ève Meilleur 

Content Producer: Richard Cormier, Catherine Grenier

Content coordinator: Catherine Lamontagne-Poirier

Art Director: Katty Maurey 

Designer: Karim Fakhoury

Motion artists: Maxime Faure, Alberto Ramirez, Mateo Mazzini

Music: David Drury


Film shoot production house: Davai

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